mindshare has a range of presentations, activities and workshops that can be presented within your community by the team and its partners.

Presentations about mindshare are free and can be developed specifically for community groups and organisations. We can also cater to government, non-for profit and local council groups.


There are a range of topics that you may select from that include:

  • mindshare, what is it? And how does the site contribute to society.
    Find out about mindshare, what it is and what it brings to our community as well as how to get involved.
  • The use of social media for change. *
    It can be a force for good, how do you implement it?  How may an individual or organisation develop social media?
  • Blogging on the internet, the use of the blog in conversation. *
    How to develop a following and put your ideas and voice forward in on a blog site.
  • Taking part in today’s tech savvy society.
    The internet is now an everyday activity for a majority of Australians, learn more about how you can take advantage and contribute to this growing online entity.  Learn how to leave a digital footprint that works.
  • The online community.
    Develop a caring, connected group of individuals on the web.

Nb:  most presentations will run between 30-60 mins in length and are free, there may be however some associated cost with travel  to the location, please check.  Associated workshops where available are indicated by a star icon.

Our mindshare team also works part time however and there may be a waiting period involved in our availability.

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