Fringe Review: Turning the Page

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By Gigi Pinwill


Book-lovers dream show!

In beautiful boutique bookshop Orchard Bookstore which boasts many early editions and ‘handpicked books,’ Emma Knights performed her handpicked book-inspired original compositions in apt and fun outfit reading ‘Just One More Chapter.’

Her opening number describes what a book is with delightful freshness in lyrics and composition inspired by The Never Ending Story where a young boy mentally escapes from life’s challenges by discovering books.

Knights is truly a brilliant local talent with original songs of infinite beautiful, which are easy to listen to, deep, fun, and catchy. Her impressive abilities as composer, lyricist, and performer enchanted an absorbed audience.

From bestsellers to niche novels, handbooks to help-books: Knights diverse composing skills cover it all! Her passion for literature’s world of imagination springs pleasingly into every note.

Touches upon grief, how we ‘get busy’ to cope, and the struggles of missing out on what we may very much want with contrasting comedic songs: like about to-do lists, life-skill lists, and daily-coping lists.

She chatted transparently between songs sharing what books mean to her, deep insights, and fun nostalgic bookish memorabilia accompanying endearing childhood memories.

Subtle references to mental health around grief after loss, becoming the ‘villain in someone else’s story,’ romantic struggles, and daily pressures.

I could listen to Knights’ delectable songs all day!

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