Fringe Review: The Heart May Or May Not Go On

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By Alex McGee


With an early trigger warning displayed across the stage, Taylor Nobes jumped straight into her story of self-doubt, self-loathing, music, revenge and self-acceptance. This performance left me breathless in all the best ways. A creative, original, moving and inspiring production that took the audience from pain to despair to laughter, joy and hope.

While Taylor has always recognised her ‘quirks’, the beauty of this show is in her understanding of where these have led her and how she has responded both badly and well. She sings and performs the process of declining mental health, coming to understand that ‘love and connection’ are the only things that matter. With her beautiful friend Sam supporting her throughout, Taylor shows us the facets of mental ill-health through the journey of a girl who loves to be front and centre.

Resilient, hard-working, honest, creative, joyful – this is a show I wanted to bring friends to, to show them and myself that we are in the company of greats – Taylor is a great. Her talent is to show her humanity, to relate her experiences in a way that draws recognition and empathy and to do all of this with a fierce humour that defies you to pity her. She is well aware of what has happened to her, and now the whys are clearer – so she can work on the fixing.

This show is 100% from the perspective of lived experience and it brought tears to my eyes more than once. Snippets from the psyche ward, to questionable behaviour, related in a way that demonstrated a hard-won self-acceptance and acknowledgement of work to do.

This production is not polished. It’s not on a fancy stage in a 5-star venue. And that is exactly what mental health is. Real, unvarnished, honest, blunt. But in Taylor, we have a young person who has recognised and lived this experience and is educating us all by singing, storytelling, creating music, using sharp observational humour, engaging her audience and above all, sharing her truth.

Blinking amazing show. Hit every nail square in the middle of its head and rammed it home.

5 Stars

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