Fringe Review: Someday We’ll Find It

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By Gigi Pinwill


A lot of questions. Funny questions. Boring questions. Cleverly juxtaposed questions. All the questions we ask technology to answer for us.

I never realised so powerfully until during this unique show just how many questions we humans have, and we want them answered so badly we create more and more technology to help us on our endless search of: why, who, where, when, how…?

Thoroughly enjoyed the mini play-within-a-play written by ChatGPT, and I dare say edited by the clever human creators Karla Livingstone-Pardy and Zachary Sheridan to increase humour. Zachary’s comedic send-up acting of this AI creation was priceless!

A few of the many questions were answered, with epically fascinating fun facts. Most were not and the ending was equally an open book. If you’re looking for overarching plot or in-depth character development, leave those expectations at the door to enjoy word-craft and a set of retro-technology.

As promised in Zachary’s introduction, ‘some find this funny and some find it confusing.’ I found it both, mostly the former and the packed audience laughed plenty. The many dinosaurs confused me without a link to anything else I could discern, but I dare say the subtle meaning was for audience interpretation.

We humans experience many questions around our anxieties, with technology a now important aspect. The anxiety of over-questioning. Mental wellbeing aspects were subtle with no obvious mental health questions asked or answered.

An amusing and clever exploration of technology!

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