Fringe Review: Oat Milk and Honey


By Gigi Pinwill


Clever, poignant, intriguing, and even amusing!

The show opens with questions. What brings us peace? What brings us back from the edge? How do we manage our anxiety?

An interwoven fusion of evocative live music and dramatic circus, the highs and lows of mental health are presented with power and depth from high aerial spins with ethos-filled vocals to literal crashes to the ground accompanied by acoustic thuds from live interactive keyboardist.

Our highs of capability and ability as shown in high flexibility and strength of circus mastery to seeing the same body crumpled on the hard floor in struggle and stillness.

Much of the early captivation of the show is in the dynamic between the solo circus performer seeking attention from her live keyboard player. Her attempts to be seen or receive a need have no effect. No matter what she does, he keeps playing his keyboards as if she is invisible. She sits on his lap, covers his eyes, and with increased hilarity attempts to be seen: to receive the attention and help she requires. Audience members were leaning forward in their seats, engaged in what would happen next.

Having grown the tension effectively for what felt like most of the first half of the show: they finally see each other, maybe too quickly all at once and anti-climactically in what is the climax of the story arc. When they do finally see each other, we witness social awkwardness circus-style with voiceover and live vocals expanding on the deeper meaning here and throughout the show.

To me the show explores that once we finally receive the attention we need, then there is the other challenge of navigating the social circumstances that connection requires.

Is oat milk and honey one of those things keeping you from the edge? A lovely reference to this at the beginning.

Highly-skilled. Powerful stage presence. Many intriguing moments. Gorgeous synergy.

4.5 Stars

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