Fringe Review: It All Started When My Dad Finished


By Jania Williams


Daniel Tohill is a multitalented and natural performer. This fresh faced solo artist is a stand up comedian, a trained gymnast and circus acrobat as well as a vocalist, magician and puppeteer. His show, Growing Pains enjoyed success at 2023 Adelaide Fringe and the Melbourne shows were sold out. His new show, It all started when my dad finished, is a hilarious show about the pains and struggles of becoming an adult.

There are only a few seats left when I enter the basement bar theatre and I take my seat towards the back. The show commences and Tohill begins targeting those seated close to the stage, engaging them as props for his show. They seem to enjoy being the butt of his jokes and I am thankful to be out of the firing line, much preferring to observe than interact.

For an hour, the audience are entertained and amused by Tohill’s fast paced story-telling. He covers a range of topics from being a height challenged ginger, tp being on the autism spectrum, to living with ADHD and interactions with therapists to ‘the weirdness of kids’, offering up absurd, obscure and hilarious examples of all of the above. He reflects on the (very relatable) hard parts of growing up – the discomfort of the sex talk from parents and navigating awkward teen intimacy. But the subject matter was but one ingredient in the comedy cake. Tohills’ facial expressions were the icing. Well executed by a highly skilled young artist bound for great success!

With Tohill’s self-effacing style and clever wit you are guaranteed to laugh out loud. A natural funny guy, you will feel as though you are back in class in high school being entertained by the class clown. Fantastic!

4 Stars

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