Fringe Review: Finding Beauty in the Beast

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By Steve Amery


The iconic Adelaide Crazy Horse located in downtown Hindley Street is the host for this stellar cabaret show called Finding Beauty in the Beast. It’s bought to you by a company called Rising Pheonix, and the driving force behind this surreal choreographing is Fawn Pheonix.

Fawn Pheonix is a force unto herself receiving many an award for her own dynamic stage gymnastics and that of staging other performers. The idea of Finding Beauty and the Beast comes from Fawn’s own Mental Health journey which has her searching for solutions and a peaceful place while overcoming the stigmas of mental health.

Some may be turned away because of the venue. Personally, I liked the idea of Fawn again challenging stereotypes and going against the grain when it comes to public stigmas. The venue was not only packed with people from all age groups, the staff was very welcoming and the stage area set the fantasy theme. It is R-rated to cover adult theming and there was no overt nudity, it was all tasteful and in context to the storyline.

Now to the show itself. I was blown away by the explosive energy and the seemingly impossible bodily contortions. Couple this high energy with loud and rhythmic sound, and a laser light show worthy of a full-on high-end music concert. The Host was captivating and kept the show moving in a well-paced way as were all the dancers. All the performers brought their A+ game to the show, mesmerising the audience with well-crafted dance moves and acrobatics worthy of an Olympic gold medal. The two absolute standouts were Miss Topaz and Fawn Phoenix herself. The price of the ticket for just seeing those performances was worth it!

Overall, A magnificent production supported by a brilliant venue with awesome lighting and sound. Every performer was unique and has mastered their craft with the audience giving thunderous claps of appreciation. What a show! I needed a bit of lie down after this! 5 out of 5 stars!

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