Fringe Review: Distopia

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By Georgie Waters


David Salter and Casmira Lorien star in Distopia, an apocalyptic black comedy, whose characters take strong influences from Disney to guide their survival. With a hefty sprinkling of Disney songs and original melodies, audiences are brought back to their routes with nostalgia, albeit in an unfamiliar setting. Lived experiences of the performers has influenced the storyline and the use of profanity is not for the faint hearted.

Atmospheric lighting with the strong hit of nostalgia through excellent songs and quality acting keeps the audience engaged and on their toes during the entire production. The sound production is excellent, with the performers making the most of the small stage and props around them. Throughout the entire performance, David and Casmira demonstrate unbelievable talent and singing skills to convince the audience of the trials and tribulations of daily life and how this can change so suddenly.

Through an apocalyptic setting, the creators highlight many struggles for the characters, similar to those that society experienced through during the COVID pandemic, such as confinement and limited food options. However, suggestions on how to get help for mental health concerns is not touched upon during the performance. The personal struggles for each character are explored individually and such exploration make it easy for the audience to see how experiences and circumstances can impact our decision-making and emotions.

Although this aspect was omitted, Distopia’s storyline and character development made it clear to the audience that looking out for each other’s best interests is most important for the wellbeing of everyone.

4 Stars

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