FRINGE REVIEW – Come & Try Breathwork – A Ceremony of Breath Workshop

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By Megan Doherty


I attended the Alma Sagrada Tribe’s Fringe workshop with the intention of assessing its alignment with the Mindshare Mental Health Awareness Award criteria. The workshop promised an exploration of breathwork for relaxation and mind-body connection. Led by Tiff, Fe, and other tribe members, the atmosphere was welcoming and gentle.

The workshop structured the breathwork process clearly, explaining concepts and potential effects on physical, mental, and emotional states. I appreciated the inclusive approach, where participants could confidentially consent to practices like Reiki and physical contact without judgment. During the breathwork ritual, there was no pressure to perform perfectly; instead, participants were encouraged to embrace the experience as it was.

Unfortunately, the workshop failed to deliver on its promise to impart understanding of the science behind breathwork. Moreover, it included factually incorrect statements, such as the description of the diaphragm and its role in inhalation/exhalation, which diminished the credibility of the information provided. This is where the workshop begins to fall short of meeting our criteria.

There was no discussion of mental health, and while a loose connection can be drawn between any wellbeing practice and better mental health, this was not explicit. In fact, in Alma Sagrada’s own terms and conditions, which are posted on their website but not on the Fringe Booking site, they specifically state that breathwork may not be suitable for people who have severe mental illness or who take medication such as anti-anxiety or anti-depressant medications.

As an experiential workshop, it can be argued that yes, it is informed by the lived experiences of the participants, and the organisers created what felt like a very safe and open environment for participants to bring themselves into the practice just as they are. (Some attendees were clearly moved and inspired, though I will refrain from making specific comments as I don’t want to violate their experience). However, this is more of a by-product of the workshop, rather than being something provided by the workshop.

Ultimately, the workshop was a welcoming, judgement-free space, and I would argue an example for us all in how to approach community in general. But in terms of enlightening us on the topics of mental health, moving the discussion about mental health and mental illness forward, and informing through Lived Experience, this workshop does not meet our criteria.

I strongly feel that it was a welcoming and informative introduction to their brand of breathwork, and well worth it for anyone who is interested in trying breathwork and learning about its traditions and potential benefits. I found it respectful and restful, with its emphasis on consent, explanation of practices, and supportive guidance.

I commend the Alma Sagrada Tribe for creating such a warm and welcoming community, and for making these workshops accessible to the wider community.

1.5 Stars

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