Fringe Review: Andrew Deficit Hastings Disorder

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By Samantha Field


Andrew Deficit Hastings Disorder is a good old-fashioned stand-up performance, but definitely not the kind you want to go to with your mum. Andrew’s humour can be described as ‘no filter’ as he takes you on a ride all about life with ADHD, what his brain is hyper-fixated on right now, and gives his unique insights into the world of mental health.

To open the show Andrew says he is not going to bore the crowd with his diagnosis story because ‘there’s so many of them now’, but instead gives anecdotes from various experiences he had growing up and a bit about what it’s like living with ADHD. He is deeply sarcastic about the stereotypes around ADHD, joking that of course he believes in conspiracy theories and that he can’t be held responsible for not doing his job. He also indulges the audience in some of his favourite film and tv theories, something that could surely be a show in of itself.

But through all the jokes Andrew does highlight some unique observations on mental illness. He observes how language is ever-changing to suit what is considered polite but that people with mental illness don’t all think the same, and not all will agree with the consensus. He also asks thought-provoking questions about the prevalence of ADHD and how it’s still considered the ‘naughty little boy’ illness.

While the show went considerably shorter than the advertised time at 30 minutes, it felt like Andrew’s intention is to keep evolving the show with each performance and is sure to only get better and better. If you are not a fan of dark humour then this show is not for you, but if you’re looking for a night of laughs and a couple of new things to ponder then you will come away feeling like your time was well spent.

4 Stars

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