Fringe Review: 40+ Fabulous


By Louise Pascale


It would be easy to think that 40+ Fabulous was just another show about an over worked, over stressed Mum. There’s the jokes about being a teacher by day in a dodgy suburb of Perth, the ups and downs of breastfeeding twins, the not getting it husband with the annoying friend full of useless advice. They all hit the mark as witty, clever observations of life.

They were well received and Emma Krause knew her audience but just when you think you heard it all before she overlays this lovely, subtle feminist discourse. In a really accessible and comedic way we see all the demands of being perfect are outside voices from popular culture seeping in to our everyday lives.

It was a refreshing take. Just when you think you are being served the stand-up show about everyday life, you get a voice that all women can relate to. Whether they call themselves a feminist or not. Krause – with the help of Disney – reminds us how we all were sold the fairy tale which slowly became the nightmare.

And as the nightmare evolves and we get older, it becomes overwhelming. Hence the juxtaposition of a poster where Krause is clearly overwhelmed, yet apparently she is 40+ Fabulous according to all those magazines. While I was enjoying all this in the form of stand-up comedy, I did find myself wondering – hang on, this was supposed to have mental health themes. Quietly I was praying that was not the wine jokes, and then something really raw happened.

Krause bared her soul, she talked from the heart about her separation, being overwhelmed, falling into depression and then seeking help. It was one of the most honest and beautifully articulated stories I have heard about what so many of us experience. Loss, stress, sadness and finding your way out again.

And just when you thought this was where it ends, Krause brought it home with the wonderful tale of Lady Penguin where her last hour of stand up was tied up in a nice, messy, funny bow. I don’t know if Krause would relate to younger audiences, but I would definitely recommend her show for more mature audiences.

4.5 Stars

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