Festival of Now poster competition opens

FON Sq poster_Teal Water Colour_Final

By Anna Jeavons


Applications are now open for the Festival of Now poster competition!

This year’s theme is “Celebrating Our Stories”

The Festival of Now has always been referred to as a celebration of mental health, creativity and inclusiveness that challenges stigma and promotes community connection. In 2021, the Festival of Now committee selected the event theme “Celebrating Our Stories” because we believe that sharing and listening to each other’s stories—in whatever unique form they take—is key to building empathy.

“Celebrating Our Stories” reflects Festival of Now’s commitment to showcasing the creativity and contributions of artists with lived experience. Our stories are diverse—many are of hope, strength, and recovery, and many are shaped by adversity. What we can gain through sharing and listening to them, however, is monumental. We look forward to coming together as a community in celebration of that.

The winning design will be used to create the FoN poster, program and all associated press.

Plus receive a $50 voucher and arts hamper to be presented at Festival of Now: Friday 8 October 2021.

If you have living/lived experience of mental health challenges, please submit your digital image to mindshare@mhcsa.org.au

The image doesn’t have to include any details – we’re just looking for artwork that our graphic designer can then rework into the poster format.
You can see some other entries from past years on mindshare here (scroll down).
We accept entries of all kinds, but colourful pieces that speak to the theme are always popular.


Applications close 5pm Monday May 17

One entry per person please.

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