Storm of Summer


‘Out of The Cage’ features 15 original songs written and performed by the members of The JMG Band. The songs were developed during 2010 as part of ‘The Mix’ workshop program, recorded in January 2011 and released in June 2011. The tracks cover a range of styles from rock, ballad, to blues and acoustic.

The Out of the Cage CD was produced during 2010 as part of ‘The Mix” workshop program of The Jam, The Mix, The Gig (The JMG) music and mental health project. Taken together they express a feeling of freedom from the cage of mental illness. Funding for this CD has come from the SA Government through Arts SA and the SA Mental Health Service by their 3 year co-funding agreement (2009-12) of The JMG project workshops, performances and special projects such as this CD.

Copyright 2011 The Jam, The Mix, The Gig Inc.
Individual song copyright held by the copywriters listed.
All proceeds of the sale of the CD go to the JMG to support its future activities.
Written by Nicole Whitfield.
For further information about the album please visit or contact Robert Petchell:
Mobile: 0402 429 197
Image credit: swisscan

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