Safe Sex

By The Chronicles of Cracking Up

Safe Sex and Happy Pills are commercial breaks from the Adelaide Fringe “The Chronicles of Cracking Up” 2012.

This will be the second time the Cracking Up performers will appear in the Adelaide Fringe this time however they will be joined with a fusion of short film and digital stories from mindshare.

The Audience will be entertained by Mad Vision TV with a range of segments, stories, commercials, live theatre experiences as we all explore the truth of what it means to live with or come in contact with a mental health illness.

The show will featuring performers, Abner Bradley, Brett Mosey, Suzie Siebert, Vytas Aleknas, Adam Gould, Kathryn Hall, Kim McKenzie, Helen Keene, Sarah K Reece and Kylie Harrison. They will be joined by veteran actress Melissa Eccelston as the News Anchorwoman.

With a range of digital stories produced by mindshare audience members can expect to be drawn into the performers worlds.

Through laughter, joy, disclosure and sometimes just naughty behaviour Cracking Up seeks to make you laugh and spend some time looking through our eyes.

For further information about “The Chronicles of Cracking Up” please contact

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