Rise Up Song

By Heather Frahn and Art Think

Music and Lyrics by Heather Frahn and members of Art Think.

Heather’s creative motivation is to generate positive energy in the world and to share her musical talents for the benefit of others.

Heather Frahn is not just a singer songwriter. She is an instrument inventor, event producer, multi instrumentalist, music teacher & inspiration to many. Over the years her music has taken her on a journey into several creative outlets including performing solo and with her trio, sound design for theatre and film, ambient music for healing, leading workshops with diverse groups of people (singing, percussion, songwriting, recording and sound healing), playing unusual instruments (‘steel drum harp’ and ‘hybrid guitar bass’). Heathers work has ventured anywhere from theatre companies to hospital wards to community centers.

For further information about Heather Frahn please visit heatherfrahn.com.

For further information about Art Think please contact mindshare@mhcsa.org.au

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