Artist Spotlight: Nigel Matejcic


By Anna Jeavons


Still Life of Flowers

About me…

I am a local Adelaide artist. I create art in the style of Abstract Expressionism, which is non-realism with feeling. The works I create reflect core themes of Unconditional Love and Being. They contain Spiritual Light Codes. These are of Theta Frequency and drop into the Creator Consciousness. The lines in my works are painted non-symmetrical with the intention of Love. They don’t ‘add up’. I Be in the moment. They express a deeper truth of the perfection in imperfection and that we too are lovable while we are imperfect. I understand such perfection in imperfection as I have Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder. I choose to create art with the intention of Unconditional Love to help show others that they too can love themselves and see themselves as perfect and lovable in their imperfection.

 I heard about mindshare…

I heard about mindshare through the arts coordinator of Neami National’s Comet Arts. Neami Comet Arts is a program for creating wellbeing through art. I became involved with mindshare because mindshare is a great way to share and publicise the love and light in mental health situations. mindshare is shining a light on the possibilities within mental health. I want to be a part of that.

My mental health… 

My mental health situation has involved Schizophrenia, Bipolar, Obsessive Compulsive disorder and Anxiety. Not easy. My view of my life is that anything is possible. I can create anything. My insight into poor / severe mental health reveals the gold as I have the difficult situation to contrast with the freedom and joy I now experience. Life is a blessing.

Creativity in my journey…

Creativity and the ability to create play a huge role in my life. I love to paint and create art. I feel so alive. Creativity gives my life purpose and meaning, joy and wonder. I have a reason to live and do my highest possible outcome every day.  Art is making the world a love and light filled experience. I have a constructive way to live and spend my time. I also share regular quality time with others. I feel love and fill my cup. I’ve learnt to fill my own cup.

I do reference my mental health in the art I create. My art is the expression that anything is possible in mental health. My artworks reflect myself, as a being, my journey and my potential. I also have themed art about mental health journey.

My community…  

My community is my family and friends, my doctors and my health care team. This network of support helps to keep me well. When I’ve been unwell I have been supported. However my insight into what keeps me well is key to my wellbeing.

I want to see… 

The mental health conversations I would like to see are about prevention and meeting our own love needs. These would help a lot of people with their wellbeing and keep us well. My mental health situation and journey have been and continue to be helped by fulfilling my love needs. This is through all the things I do such as eating healthy, sleeping well, time with friends, activities which fill my cup and that keep me well. By myself fulfilling my own love needs, I don’t expect or demand others to love me. I am free and they are free. This practice of self-love keeps me healthy and well. Loving myself has been a 35 year journey. The journey has been enhanced through self-exploration and creating healthy relationships through spiritual healing. 35 years is a long time but it’s worth it! On a practical perspective I am now more productive to society and I radiate love and light through all I do, such as making art!

Cascade of Light

Waterlilies no.3

Squares in Colour


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