Artist Spotlight: Matthew Shaw


By Anna Jeavons


About me…

I’m Matthew Shaw, a visual artist from Adelaide, South Australia. I work from moments, conversations, thoughts, and feelings in an expressive, spontaneous style and yet sometimes a simple bold piece of imagery that fits the empty space of the urban jungle using painting as a language to tell stories. These images tend to be vibrant and playful at times as they share a small snippet of my life and tell the unique stories of me when I was unable to reveal that.

 I heard about mindshare…

I got involved with mindshare after discovering the organisation from a good friend. After I learned more about mindshare my interest grew. Mental health has been a big drive in my art and has directed me onto the path I follow. I think it’s so important support platforms like these are there as many individuals are struggling to open up about their feelings to friends or family. mindshare allows people to share their stories and express themselves in any way, shape or form. I’m so excited to be a part of such a meaningful platform.

My mental health… 

 My mental health took a fast decline a couple of years ago after some personal events with the passing of family friend from suicide. This greatly affected myself and took me to an empty place. I feel now I’m in a better mental space as with art I was able to push through and feel that sense of comfort, gaining back something that I had lost.

Creativity in my journey…

I’ve always had a natural pull towards art. It gives me a positive outlet and has helped me deal with and express myself in ways I couldn’t before. Creativity has allowed me to have a sense of freedom with purpose. I would be lost without art as it has done so much for me.

My community…  

My community is the close friends and family I live with. I also have so much love and respect for the artists I’ve met so far on my creative journey. I love working with people and collaborations have been the biggest highlight.

I want to see…

Starting the conversation on one’s mental health can be difficult, so bringing awareness and educating more people is so important to me. It would be great for people to support loved ones in healthy and positive ways while also bringing more awareness to the diversity of mental illnesses.

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