Artist Spotlight: Mali Isabel

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By Anna Jeavons


About me…

I’m Mali Isabel, an artist driven by making the world a better place. I am a twenty two year old Indigenous visual artist who creates rainbow dot paintings in a unique contemporary style. I love using bright colours to depict past experiences and concepts I’m curious to explore.

I heard about mindshare…

I first got involved with mindshare by taking part in their exhibition in 2020 during Mental Health Week. I have also been a part of instagram take overs on the mindshare page and was an artist during the Festival of Now last year. I want to be more involved with mindshare because I believe they do great things for the youth and community of Adelaide and I would love to be a part of creating those amazing positive changes.

My mental health…

My mental health has been a long journey of positives and negatives since my early teenager years. Right now, I feel as though I’m in a very positive mental space and have been for a while thanks to my creative practice.

Creativity in my journey…

Creativity has provided my brain with an outlet, to filter, adjust and move forward from negative experiences and thoughts. My art practice is all about positivity, since I am always creating art, it has kept me in a very positive mindset and safe space, to the point where this is now my permanent mindset due to always being in it. I reference and discuss my mental health openly through my art with the hopes of showing people they aren’t alone.

I also find comfort in…

I find comfort in self care. Face masks, getting my hair or nails done and wearing a cute outfit any day of the week is something that makes me feel happy. I am as of recent, a spiritual soul and am investing in my spiritual journey of healing, balancing and grounding. Being in tune with the universe keeps me stable and gives me the strength to power through all situations.

My community…

My community are my close friends and family. I keep my circle very small, quality over quantity always. I have found people I feel comfortable to express anything to and I know no matter what they will have my back and I will have theirs. It’s all about love and support. I feel very blessed with my circle <3

I want to see…

I feel like we’re doing good [in terms of mental health conversations and wider support for social and emotional wellbeing]. Normalising mental health on social media is so awesome. I’d like to see more about men’s mental health, addiction and substance abuse, and just overall diversity of the world.


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