Artist Spotlight: Claire Morrison


By Anna Jeavons


About me…

My name is Claire and my pronouns are she/they. Born on Peramangk country and raised on Kaurna land, I’m a queer 90s baby with a Ngarrindjeri/European Australian background and a lot of love for nature and art. I’ve always found home in creative expression, though have been developing my skills and repertoire more over the last 2.5 years. I use various mediums -such as watercolour, acrylic, pencil and digital- to explore and create abstracts and portraits, primarily. I most enjoy a go-with-the-flow style of creating as I find it not only the most relaxing, but also the most conducive to honest and present artwork. That being said, I also like to push myself creatively and expand my skillset by sketching still-life and trying different styles.

 I heard about mindshare…

I saw a flyer for the exhibition on social media last year. I enjoyed the artworks, stories and takeovers and when I saw it open for submission this year I thought I’d take a leap and see where the journey took me.

My mental health…

As a person with late-diagnosed ADHD I have a lot of experience with cycles of shame, as well as anxiety and depression. My identity as a neurodivergent person feels like validation and belonging – empowered in my uniqueness, instead of pushed aside for lack of understanding or acceptance. I want to stand as proof that myself and people like me have a place, and exponential value, with important and valid perspectives on the human condition and beyond.

Creativity in my journey…

Creativity has been an essential tool for me in the realms of processing, decompressing, expressing, healing and belonging. Sometimes I struggle to find the words, clarity or space that I need to express my thoughts and experiences, so colours, shapes and form become a language for me. The peeling back of the layers of perfectionism to allow freedom and flow and to be present with myself. Sometimes it feels like a practice room for life – adjusting to mistakes and obstacles, being brave, exploring, crossing new boundaries, facing truths and practicing acceptance. Mental health is present in the ticking over of time as I make the marks, though rarely depicted in the most direct way. I don’t think I usually set out with the intention for my work to be interpreted in a particular way – it just is in a way that I feel I just am.

I also find comfort in…

Connecting with nature – plants, animals, the elements, the sky. There’s something so magical and pure and simple about it. If I struggle to get out there amongst it, I try to enjoy versions of it at home – the Calathea on my desk, dancing with the sun; my bearded dragon, Mu, climbing on my back; a gentle breeze sweeping across my face at the back door. I’ve also been getting into some intuitive movement lately – dancing to some music, or shaking some energy out of my hands and feet.

My community… 

A true introvert, I often retreat within – it can be hard to find people on the same wavelength and then have the energy to meet each other halfway – to push yourself past your barriers and accept the opportunity. But when I do, I find community in those who understand what it’s like to be on the fringe (often LGBTQ and/or neurodiverse, themselves). Those who have a different way and those who’ve been in the dark, too. Who see the truth beyond the veil, even at a glimpse. I’m not one to shy away from depth, so I definitely appreciate the company of others who are right there exploring, too. My Mum is also the most wonderful support, and I would be in a very different place without her and my beautiful animal companions.

I want to see…

More funding for community mental health support, prevention and connection. It’s so important to find places of belonging, and I believe that a more down-to-earth, rounded approach to supporting those living with mental health challenges is essential for improving population/community health and wellbeing.

Contact me…

Instagram: cem_artz


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