Artist Spotlight: Billie Larsen


By Anna Jeavons


About me…
My name is Billie and I am a non-binary visual artist. I have been working as a part-time freelance illustrator for about 5 years. My work explores intuitive narratives inspired by fantasy and I am fascinated by the beauty of the natural world. I love insects, animals and landscapes. It’s the place I go to in my mind when things feel overwhelming. I work mainly in pen, pencil and paint.

I heard about mindshare…
I heard about mindshare through friends that I follow on Instagram. I knew that I wanted to get involved in some way. Using art to start conversations about mental health is a great idea. I want these conversations to be normalised so people don’t feel so alone in their struggles.

My mental health and creativity in my journey…
I have had depression and anxiety for as long as I can remember. I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 11 and was taught to give myself injections and manage my blood sugar levels which significantly altered my approach to life from a young age. I am also a survivor of domestic abuse. Every day I am learning to heal and grow. I have used art as a tool to guide me through this journey. I find solitude when I am creating art and love to be immersed in my own world. I find comfort and calmness within art which in turn influences my mood and allows me to fully express myself.

I also find comfort in..
I also find comfort in slow long walks and meditation. I have been practising yoga for a year and a half. I have struggled with self-love, but yoga helps me connect my body with my mind. I am loving myself more every day because of it.

My community…
My community lives at the local dive bar or DIY venue. They are the weird and amazing humans of the art and music scene. I really feel like myself around them. My partner is also my biggest fan. He is an experimental artist called “Eyes More Skull Than Eyes”. I think it’s important to be included in a space where you can express yourself, show support and also receive support in return.

I want to see…
I want to see more people being themselves. To express themselves free from judgement. I think the world needs more acceptance and love. If we open spaces where people can feel safe I think we can move closer to healing one another.

How can readers support you and your art?
A great way to support me is to follow my Instagram (@hellobillielarsen). I share everything that I’m working on through that medium. You can also visit my website to buy pieces or if you are interested in a commission please get in touch via email. 


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