Art and Mind Exhibition


By Jean Winter


This exhibition displays art works from Tutti, a dynamic arts program for talented young artists with intellectual and learning disabilities. The Art and Mind exhibition also exhibits vibrant and energetic artworks by established and emerging local artists.

Artists from Tutti Arts and Neami Jump Arts program explore different types of mediums with 2D, 3D and new media projects. Artworks on paper, canvas with sculpture and installation are also represented. The art incorporates paintings, drawings, printmaking and digital art.

The aim of Fontanelle ‘workshop’ gallery is to promote the professional development of artists and to support artists’ careers and professional practice. Tutti means everyone and this definition cultivates a more inclusive society. Understanding the rights of people with disability and removing barriers that disable and exclude. Those with mental health issues and those who have intellectual disabilities can enter society through art and be appreciated. The artists depict a state of mind, a world unknown to the everyday person.

Figurative shapes and objects can be seen in many of the artworks with some shapes, non-recognisable and some in symbol form. Colour plays a big part in the artworks exhibited and joy of movement and abstract designs float on the canvas.

Neami is an organisation that helps and supports those with a mental illness, to improve mental health and wellbeing. In addition, to realise and identify new goals and expectations and to make changes that creates a positive impact.

The most important part of this exhibition is the joy and pain that is explored. The artists share their lives with honesty. Vibrant forms create a concept and the naivety but also complexity, expresses a sensory reality.

The therapeutic nature of art is observed with the artists and their varied perceptions. This exhibition shows a healthy knowledge of self and mind and the prospect of continuing life’s journey with others who understand.


Rob Lockett of Jump Art, Screaming Crowd#1, $200


Review by Jean Winter

Featured Image: Matina Kallushis of Tutti Arts, Rainbow Colour, mixed media on board, $140

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