An Arab Aussie – Fringe Review




An Aussie Arab is true stand up Fringe style. In the open venue called the Piglet in Gluttony Sophy Nassar gives us a peak in to the strict and traditional world of being Arab.

While Nassar is both Arab and Aussie, the humour more lies in being Australian born trying to navigate a world deep in tradition. The crowd was intimate (which is polite for small) and Nassar plays to this. Not only does she get to know her audience, but by the end of the show we all knew who was single, married, had children, partners and whose family is from where.

I’m no fan of audience interaction yet Nassar’s relaxed and good natured style made it easy when she locks in on you and unpacks part of your life. She has a real knack for knowing multicultural Australia, and no matter where your family came from Nassar had a good humoured insight to share. She knows how to play it so you can’t take offense when you’re the one she’s ribbing.

Humour that pokes fun at the juxtaposition of the Australian lifestyle and multicultural traditions never grows old. In fact it is now a core part of the Australian comedic fabric. No longer ticking a diversity box this form of stand up is up there with our most notable anglo comedians. Nassar knows how to play to this and is not afraid to laugh at herself or her audience – albeit a small one.

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