Anna Jeavons

Creative Director

Anna is a writer and musician with a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Creative Writing) and Masters in Teaching (English & Visual Arts). She has worked with a range of schools and community organisations across South Australia, in creative, promotional, teaching and coordination roles—including co-founding Girls Rock! Adelaide in 2018.

Anna is passionate about creative expression, movement and community for strengthening mental health and wellbeing on Kaurna land and around the world.

She is currently in the role of Mental Health Marketing & Promotions Officer at the Mental Health Coalition of SA.

Anna has lived with a Bipolar 1 Disorder diagnosis for 12 years, and speaks openly about her lived experience with the aim of demystifying mental illness and reducing stigma.

Nate Hutton

Volunteer - Community Engagement 

Nate is an artist who is passionate about disability and mental health awareness. They use art as a method to explore their lived experience as a non-binary disabled person living with mental illness and an ADHD diagnosis, whilst recognising their biases and the privileges afforded to them.

Nate has held several solo and joint exhibitions, they were recognised for their work as part of the SALA Festival 2019, where they were listed as a finalist for the Don Dunstan Award, in which they explored the role of toxic masculinity and its impact on society.

They hold a Bachelor of Business (Management) and are currently completing a certificate IV in Community Services at TAFE.

Nate is working as a Support Worker in the disability sector, with the hope to continue to develop a strong understanding of how to build and strengthen communities through shared experience and tailoring an inclusive future.




Nate Hutton