Winner : “In memory of Mum”, or simply “dementia” (masters) OYM competition

As I sit and search for words to say that I understand, but I can’t allay

my fear that I will suffer long, I forgot my friends, and lost my tongue

or even that I’ve lost control of bodily functions… I’d sell my soul

to once more gain a memory full of life’s happenings, never dull

I wish I still could walk erect and see with eyes that are un-spec’ed

and recognise your every smile your laugh, your scent, please, stop a while and hold my hand or stroke my brow.

Have patience please, and tell me how we used to sit, you’d hold my hand, we’d talk about our life so grand.

But in our youth, we could not see that one of us, my love that’s me

would in old age, lose half a mind they say life’s cruel, or life’s a grind.

We lived so long as man and wife and now my love, this late in life

I’d never change my love, that’s true but, tell me again please… Who are you ?

by Bill Button

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Winner : “In memory of Mum”, or simply “dementia” (masters) OYM competition

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