SHADOWS By Suzanne Siebert

Shadows are like secrets, we all have one.

Some are dark, but disperse, others are unrelenting

Following closely on a trail I am unaware I’m making –

Changing by the clouds, changing along my path,

Yes, shadows will come, so will secrets, time creates them.

Secrets are disguised, and shadows crawl steadfast

But both are very alive in their silence

Soon both will whisper again, be it may or be it when-

It’s only lost truth, and lost light, that brings them into being

Ironically, it’s only in truth and light that I can see them.

Hiding in a shadow is an easy escape

I can disappear among its cast illusions.

It’s being in front of them that is exhausting –

Presenting a face, my face, and to stand

Before a constantly evolving imitation of my form

Shadows and secrets extend a dinged, clinging yet intangible thing

A depth of no colour, of no sound,

Keep constantly on guard, but show nothing

Because they hold you as they have always done

Shadows are like secrets, we all have one.


by Suzie Siebert (c)


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SHADOWS By Suzanne Siebert

SUZANNE SIEBERT Writer and performer

Suzanne Siebert is half of something wonderful, and the other is still being discovered. Suzie’s writing ‘brings imagination and wonder’ invites and encourages you to see what your own imagination will create. Her poetry and prose has been described as profound and affirming.
You can follow “Suzie’s Blog” for Mindshare in 2012, a surprise treat to letting go and getting fun!
And now for the other half…Suzie
With a general loathing of taxi drivers, rotting rockmelon, recorded messages and bad underwires in a bra, she is as truly honest as it gets, if you want to believe that…..and you will desperately want to give her all the money in the world, that’s why you all want to be her friend right now, before you let her do the talking….
As a performer Suzie is fun, imaginative, will make you laugh, and quite possibly cry (depending on the situation) Suzie has continued in theatre as a choreographer, Improvisation and Comedy acting, most recently in “The Chronicles of Cracking Up” during the Fringe 2012. Suzie is a delight to watch and a star in the making!

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    Stunning. 🙂

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