The Blackness Within by Karen Anne Brine

Just because I’m fair, don’t judge me for my skin.

I’m all Aboriginal woman, except my blackness is within.

A river of tears I have cried… this grief I carry,

It comes from many past lives.

Sometimes words fail me, and it’s hard to describe…

What it really feels like, when the blackness is inside.

I scream and shout to the ancient ones…

Please heal my head, and unravel what has been done.

No matter how hard I have tried…

There is no denying, my blackness is inside.

Don’t be blinded by the fairness of my skin.

Inside lies the secret… to the blackness within.

by Karen Anne Brine (c)


Winner in the Indigenous Category in the Open Your Mind Poetry Competition 2012


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The Blackness Within by Karen Anne Brine

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