Your Turkey with a side of Snide

You can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family.


At Christmas the tense relationships you have with family can come to a head. You are forced together to sit around the table, be merry and full of cheer. Yet we all know that cheer can quite easily turn to tears if you are not prepared for the day ahead.


Here are a few tips on how you can have your turkey without the side of snide.


Be honest about it

You know what to expect when you walk in to an environment with a toxic relationship in it. So be honest with yourself and accept that it will happen. You can’t change it so don’t try to. As best as we say ignore it we know that can be hard. But don’t walk in to the family meal angry that it will happen, or even anxious, just accept that it will and that way when the remarks happen you’re not surprised.


Avoid the Alcohol

While we may think just drinking the day away will numb the pain what it does is intensify what is going on around you. Make yourself the designated driver for the day, that way you limit your alcohol intake, and you have a get away plan should you need.


Have an exit strategy

See above.


Have your support networks on hand

You’re not alone in navigating the intensity of Christmas Day gatherings, look to your friends and support network. Make plans to catch up with them, whether on the phone or in person soon after the gathering to debrief. If you can, even have them on standby on the day.


Can you avoid it?

Sometimes the best strategy to avoiding a toxic relationship is not to be around it. So if you can say no, don’t do it. We call that self care.

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