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State of the Nation

Taken from the roof of Parliament House Canberra February 2009. I expected to be able to walk up the side of the grassy “hill” like I remember seeing people on TV do but in our deteriorating society (from the top-down) barriers and security guards have been placed there and you can only go through a single front entrance where there is an airport-style security procedure to get in. And there are no plans by the MP’s to ever declare that everything’s safe and that security measures can be de-escalated.

Stephen West is an autodidact who grew up in the southern suburbs of Adelaide and has experienced issues related to low self-esteem and a dysfunctional upbringing. He aspires to learn as much as he can about the world around him, and the nature of existence, in his lifetime. He also hopes to be able to improve the lot of humanity in some way. His interests are current affairs, self-improvement, nature, travel, music and photography.

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