One Voice Network Inc

What and who do they service?

The One Voice Network Inc. promotes the recognition, ongoing support and empowerment of Consumer and Carer run Mental Health Activity & Resource Centres (MHARC’s). Rural Consumer, Carer and Community driven Mental Health Activity and Resource Centres need to be connected to thrive, survive and be able to encourage other such centres to open across Country SA. This organisation gains recognition & financial support for these facilities and connects with peers across country SA In a shared learning experience. It provides a forum for consumer and carer run MHARC’s and supporters to lobby with a united voice for equitable outcomes. One Voice Network Inc. develops the tools and strategies that provide the MHARC’s with valuable information on organizations, programs and services for mutual gain and promotes initiatives led by or targeted at mental health consumers & carers. They develop partnerships with likeminded Organisations.

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Ph:   08 8569 1380



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