Helping Hand Aged Care

As a South Australian not-for-profit organisation our mission is to provide an innovative and broad range of residential and community based services, enabling the best feasible quality of life for older people.

What and who do they service?

 Services include help in the home, Residential care, independent living units, Short term unit, supported residential facilities, help for carers, counseling and advice and therapy services.

We can offer a wide variety of support to help you to live life to the fullest and keep your emotional wellbeing. We have one-on-one or group-based social and counseling services to help you deal with challenges you face. Our social groups can help you to develop new interests, meet new people and become more involved in the community. We also offer short term intensive support to help you strengthen your independence and maintain good mental and physical health.


Locations: Metro

Contact Details:

Ph: 1300 653 600 or (08) 8241 9009

F: (08) 8241 9016



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