Fringe Review: I’m Fine!

“I’m not ambitious, just terrified of failure”. An honest, all too relatable, and somewhat hilarious confession from the very funny Lucy Gransbury in her hit Fringe show, I’m Fine!

With everything from guided medication, to breathing exercises, to the writing of a crowd-sourced erotic fiction, I’m Fine is a refreshing, honest, and hilarious production about living with anxiety.

The intimate Balcony Room at The Griffins Hotel was the perfect setting which, along with our leading lady, created a safe and welcoming space for the show. We began with an entertaining bout of guided meditation, before Gransbury asked the audience how we were. In a usual fashion we all reply “good”, but quickly Gransbury called us out on our lies, asking us to give her an honest answer. It was about then that I realised we were in for a great show.

As she proudly announced she has anxiety (as “all the celebrities are doing it”), our leading lady took us on a journey throughout her childhood, and the many hilarious stories her anxieties have contributed to.

As we heard about the often downright ridiculous lengths she has gone through to make sure “practically everyone likes her”, relatable laughter (which Gransbury helped us identify at the beginning of the show) was all over the room.

Gransbury showed off her vocal skills with renditions of popular songs, rewritten to be all too relatable for someone living with anxiety. In her rendition of the Spice Girls “Wannabe” we heard how what she really really wanted was to go back to bed. The famous Do Re Mi was transformed from the classic Sound of Music piece to a countdown of all the ways one can build their anxieties.

Gransbury was also able to express the importance of the people around you when working through a mental illness, with a rendition of Tea & Toast, which resulted in many a tear among the audience.

I’m Fine is a great balance between hilarity and reality. The honest and open story, along with great writing, a very relatable character, and some very entertaining musical productions, provided an outstanding show which I would highly recommend.

4/5 stars


Reviewed by Kristy Stengert

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