Finding normality in Christmas

Do they know it’s Christmas time at home?

Of course we do! There’s decorations, carols, Christmas cookies in the oven… Christmas can often be all around us – and all consuming.

So how do we get a break and find some normalcy?

Here are our tips on how to have yourself a merry little Christmas, and also a somewhat “normal” festive season.


Start the day as you always do.

How we start each day can set us up right until bedtime. Many of the festivities around the holidays happen in the later stages of the day, so while you have time at home in the morning, keep it to your usual routine. There will be plenty of time for festivities after your morning weet-bix and cuppa.


Find time for you.

In everyday life it is important to take time for you, and this doesn’t change throughout the holidays. In fact, it can be even more important. Find the time to enjoy the things you love. Whether it’s taking the time out to go for a walk, or heading to bed early with a book, make time for you.


Find your quiet place.

You may want to find yourself a quiet safe space that you can visit throughout the holidays when things might be getting a bit hectic. This could be a nice quiet space outside, your bedroom, a quiet cafe you love. Anywhere you can retreat for a bit of ‘R and R’ among all the festivities.


Give yourself a curfew.

Just like keeping your mornings as regular as possible, keeping your regular bedtime is also a great idea. If you can, take some time before bed to unwind too. We often go to bed stressing about whether Aunty Carol liked the vintage candle set we gave her, or when the turkey needs to go in the oven for tomorrow’s Christmas lunch. Make the time to calm your mind before hitting the hay.


Keep it simple.

It is ok to skip a dinner or a lunch here and there. There is no need to overbook or pressure yourself. Maybe try and keep it to one outing per day if you can. Be honest to yourself, friends and family about how much you can take on.

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