Decluttering after Christmas

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…a whole lot of stuff I don’t have the space for!


Although the holidays are often a wonderful time for giving and receiving, we often receive much more than we need. Here are a few tips to help undeck the halls after the jolly season is done.


Damaged or Doubled up?

As a general rule after the holidays, if it’s damaged or doubled up, ditch it. Receiving the perfect gift is great, unless you receive it twice. If the extra Tickle Me Elmo or state of the art waffle maker is still in great condition, you may want to sell it or donate it. In the same way if your tinsel is looking a little less sparkly after the festive season, or your favourite Santa ornament is missing a few limbs, maybe it’s time to retire them from the festivities, forever.


Ask yourself, do we use this?

Christmas is the perfect time to judge whether that crock pot is really worth the cupboard space. If you haven’t used it since last Christmas, chances are you don’t need it.


Hold onto the things that matter.

Be sure to keep hold of things with sentimental value, just make sure they have a place. Make yourself a box of memories that you can bring out and reminisce over whenever you wish. Keep just the pieces that are special to you.


Make a game out of it.

Decluttering can be a big job, so be sure to wrangle in some helpers. Get the kids involved and make a challenge out of it. Who can fill up their garbage bag the most in 5 minutes? Winner gets a Christmas cookie!


Finish what you started.

Let’s be honest, we often have to make a mess in order to clean one up. Don’t leave yourself a bigger mess than before. No matter how small the task, make sure it is finished before moving onto the next. Pick one room at a time and don’t move onto another until everything is either thrown away or packed up.


Reward yourself.

The last and probably most important tip of all, take the time to reward yourself for all of your hard work!

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