How to avoid Christmas Carols at Christmas

The truth is Christmas Carols are not going anywhere. They’ve been here for centuries and they’ll be here for more.


So how do you avoid Christmas Carols?


  1. Have your headphones on standby.

When out Christmas shopping plug in the ear buds and tune in to what you really want to hear. If you shop alone it’s great because you don’t miss any conversation.


  1. Can you tune out?

If you are in a shop as a worker or shopper try really hard to tune out the tunes and focus on your own thoughts and actions.


  1. Change the lyrics.

If you can only hear the carols then give them so new lyrics. Make up your own and sing along to them.


  1. Turn off the radio

Avoid all radio over the Christmas season. Carols pop up on ads and in playlists so turn off the radio in the car and avoid it in the home.


  1. Record all TV

As above Carols pop up randomly in TV commercials so record everything so you can fast forward all the ad breaks.

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