ADELAIDE FRINGE REVIEW – Sarah Valle “Female, Fat and Fabulously Awkward”

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 12.34.29 pmSarah Valle is a comedian, musician and all round theatrical person who teaches young people music and acting in the northern suburbs of Adelaide. She is a self-proclaimed nerd with lots of anxiety issues and stories to share about herself.

There was a piano on stage which Sarah played music on and sung a long to, involving the audience at points and singing a comedic song of her own creation. Sarah also brought props which served to give the audience a small glimpse into her life and personality.

Sarah used observational humour, poked fun at herself and incorporated jokes in music. Apart from the ‘female’ part, I felt like the name of this show was representative of the content matter, particularly the ‘fabulously awkward’ part.

In terms of mental health Sarah did mention having anxiety and depression and alluded to her anxiety throughout the show, pointing out how it affects her life but this was not the focus of the show nor did she address stigma.

I found the show funny, although it felt disorganised, some of the jokes ran a little long, and the piano was out of tune. Overall I felt Sarah could of done a lot more with her show had she been more organised, however it is likely that part of this was due to her anxiety.

In summary, Female, Fat and Fabulously awkward addressed mental health to a minor degree, it involved musical and comical forms of entertainment, props and audience involvement. It could use some work but overall it was entertaining.

From the Fringe Guide:

Do you like awkward stories about being a fat woman? Do you always avoid the sprukier guy in the mall?  Do you enjoy questionably dark humour & things not going as planned?

If you said yes at any point, come hang out with Sarah for a bit as she plays some piano, tells stories & overshares.

Said no? Come anyway, you can complain about it later…

Presented by:
SpaceTime Performing Arts

Review by Salem Skelton


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