Want to contribute your thoughts or creativity and become part of the mindshare community?

mindshare welcomes all original creative work, as long as it is yours.  You can be someone living with a mental illness, a relative, friend, carer or someone who is working in the mental health sector.

We are actively seeking the following original works for the site:

  • music recordings
  • short stories or poetry
  • photographs
  • photos of your art work
  • blogs about whatever takes your fancy
  • short documentaries or films

WHAT & HOW to submit content

Written text: for blogs, short stories or poems text may be: sent in by email, you may directly copy it into the email body, or it may be saved in a word format or .rts (Apple users) document.
Images: Of artwork may be emailed in, preferably in a jpeg, png, pdf or gif format.  The size should be no larger than 1MB.  You may also post them in via mail on a disc or a USB stick.
Film:  Needs to be loaded on either Vimeo or You Tube and we ask you to send us the URL for your uploaded video so we can embed it on our site.  If your film is not already on the internet please post in a disc and we can load your file for you.
Audio: May be sent in on disc, USB stick or sent to us via email. Files should be no larger than 1MB and most formats are acceptable.

We ask that you provide us with the piece’s title, the artist’s full name along with personal contact details of: phone number, your web site and an email address. Artist biographies and statements about the work may also be included. If you wish for your work to be published under a pseudonym please let us know.

MINDSHARE Registration form

mindshare requires you fill in a one-off registration form to take part in the site. Please download the form in a word format by clicking here: mindshare-Membership-Form-Web-2019.

The material summited to mindshare will be rotated regularly to ensure ongoing interest and to balance the content.

You can send your material or get in touch with us by emailing mindshare@mhcsa.org.au.

Mindshare’s postal address is:  4/95 King William Road, Unley SA 5061