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 Louise Pascale

Louise’s career began over 20 years ago in radio. Since then she has worked in Australia and the United Kingdom as a Producer and Journalist. Her work has been seen on tv’s across Europe, in the US and the UK. Her portfolio of work can also be seen online, in documentaries and drama.

Louise  worked for the Media Resource Centre with the Mental Health Coalition of SA to create mindshare in 2011. She currently works with the Mental Health Coalition of SA with their communications.



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Nina Pearce

Nina Pearce had a background in performing arts, studying acting at NIDA. In 2013 her play “Broken Colour”, which she wrote following lived experience of mental illness was performed at the Blue Room Theatre in Perth. She performed in as well as co-produced the play.

Nina is currently studying Mental Health and has a communications role with the Mental Health Coalition SA.